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Yelkovan 56 Sailing

Born to Explore

As builders of metal cruisers, we take pride in creating homes tailored to your sailing dreams. From interior layouts to sail plans, propulsion options and deck configurations like raised saloons or deck saloons, we customize every detail collaboratively. Throughout this journey, our commitment remains: prioritizing safety, ensuring onboard comfort, and infusing style into every aspect…

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Advantages of a metal hull

Well engineered steel and aluminium yachts are inherently strong, making them ideal choices for withstanding the challenges of the sea.

Steel and aluminum last for decades, making them solid choices for boats in tough waters. Their durability not only ensures longevity but also maintains the value of your vessel over time.

Whether it’s adapting the layout or adding personalized features the flexibility of metal construction allows you to tailor your vessel to match your unique preferences and needs.

Steel and aluminum hulls are fully recyclable at the end of their product lifecycle. Building in metal results in much less waste, and what is left over can be reused in other applications.

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