About Us

Yelkovan® is a luxury yacht manufacturer with a design and construction team that have years of precision manufacturing experience. Yelkovan’s expertise spans from its owner, who has extensive top grade medical device manufacturing experience, to the skillful team, who come with a high level of experience in the Turkish marine industry. Our goal is to produce the highest quality yachts possible with both safety and innovation in place, at an affordable price.

Yelkovan designs yachts that provide luxurious onboard comfort for maximum pleasure and simplicity of use for their customers. The beauty of Yelkovan yachts comes through in their precision construction processes and clean lines. Integrating only the finest building materials to create luxurious living spaces and beautiful entertainment areas are in its DNA.

At Yelkovan®, we are committed to sustainability. That’s why we use metal hulls made of steel and aluminum in our yachts. Not only do these hulls provide excellent strength and durability for long-lasting performance, but they also support our sustainability policy. In fact, 81% of steel and 76% of aluminum are recycled in the world, making metal hulls a more sustainable option for yacht building.

All activities are performed by the qualified team members in accordance with the requirements of a well-estabilished Quality Management System (QMS). All the planning and manufacturing activities are being managed with an advanced ERP system (SAP).

All yachts build are surveyed by independent audit companies to ensure the build quality and documentation satisfies the requirements for CE Category A (Ocean)*